About Fast Track Coaching

Who is Fast Track Coaching?

Fast Track Coaching Cricket Academy is made up of a group of talented and passionate cricket coaches, led by head coach and Academy founder Brad Watkins – check out his mug shot below (sorry Coach Brad).

Our passion is introducing players to hard ball cricket and then developing their skills through development and growth. Once our players are competent in their chosen discipline, we help them refine their skills and develop technical competencies so that they can take a place in the team of their choosing, from an academy or school squad to a club or provincial squad some day.


Where are we based?

We are currently based at Farrarmere Primary and Laerskool Rynfield.

Who are the Tigers?

Our players are affectionately known as Tigers for their tenacity, humility and prowess. (And we dig Tigers!)

Coaches In Action

In the Nets

Drop Drives

Demonstrating the Cut Shot

Drop Drives in the Nets

Who can attend the academy?

Gr R – Gr 1: These are our real Tigers, our future AB’s, Quinton’s and Dale’s. This is where the passion gets ignited. This is where we start laying those foundations. We start with soft balls and very soon graduate to HARD BALL cricket. Small group coaching sessions are best for these little ones.

Gr 2 – 7: Small group and individual coaching. Players are starting to carve out their specialty disciplines and start thinking about the game from a tactical perspective. Players are used to match scenarios and play regular fixtures.

Gr 7 – Adults: Small group and individual coaching including strength and conditioning as well as tactical game play training, focusing on player-specific skills and interests.

When does the Academy run?

We generally run Monday – Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings across the entire year with small breaks during the government school holidays (but because we love what we do – we often coach during the holidays too!)

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